SFDC HERO for the month of September

Q. When you have started your Career in Salesforce?

I have been working with Salesforce since 2007.

Q. How you came to know about Salesforce?

I was a web and windows developer and Salesforce happened to me by chance. I had no idea what Salesforce was until I was pushed into it!
However, Salesforce has been a catalyst in my trajectory of professional & individual growth and I fall short of words expressing my gratitude to Salesforce for the same.

Q. What are your Salesforce expertise?

The spectrum of my Salesforce expertise ranges from custom Force.com development Integrations with External Systems, AppExchange Product Ideation & Development, Solution Architecture & Design Patterns.

Q. What you want to do for the Salesforce community?

I want to give back to the Salesforce Community through my speaking stints and enable them to build better applications that help solve real world problems, in turn making this world a better place to live!

Q. What are your further plans for the betterment of the Salesforce?

I want to create and share high value content across various channels such as my blog, stack exchange and developer community in addition to, my speaker sessions and webinars across various Salesforce Community Groups as well as global platforms such as Dreamforce and Salesforce World Tours.

Q. Any ideas you want to share for the improvement of Salesforce?

Include an Indian city as one of the Salesforce World Tour stops, and thus provide Indian Ohana with an opportunity to interact with Marc Benioff and Parker Harris in person!

Q. How much you are convinced with the concept of SFDC Hero?

SFDC Hero is a great initiative which provides a platform, to showcase the amazing work done by Salesforce Ohana members across the globe. Kudos to Saasnic Technologies for ideating and executing this concept!

Q. Few motivational words you want to share for the betterment of the new people in Salesforce?

"I believe these 3 principles could hel any individuals who is starting out within the Salesforce ecosystem.
1. Focus on your story and not the glory - Don't drown in other people's opinions or be overhwhelmed by their achievements. Identify your niche and build your expertise, rest will follow!
2.Your network is your net-worth - All you have to do is show-up at your local Salesforce User Group or a Community Event. There are a ton of events happening like Salesforce Saturdays, Dreamin Events etc. out there so don't hesitate to take the first step!
3. Last but not the least GiveBack - Give back to the community which helps you thrive. Start a blog or a youtube channel, speak at conferences, contribute to git projects. There are so many exciting things that one can do to help others in the community grow. Believe me, you will learn much more in the process!
Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish! May the force be with you!"

Q. Since how long have you been serving the Salesforce Community?

Since 2012

Q. Why do you think you should be chosen as the SFDC_Hero?

I have been consistently contributing my knowledge with the #Salesforce #Ohana through multiple channels such as Dev & Success Community, Speaking at Community & Dev User Group Events, Twitter as well as Blogs. This has helped others succeed and benefit from that.

Q. How many apps you have built?

4 Appexchange Apps Till Date & 100+ Salesforce Implementations

Q. Complete the sentence. SFDC HERO is.......

A trailblazer who is a life long learner and helps others grow and succeed by sharing his knowledge.


I am a Salesforce Enterprise Architect and head the Solutions Delivery team at Eternus Solutions. Salesforce application and Appexchange product development using Force.com interests me and I am a developer at heart. I am enthusiastic about helping businesses perform better and Salesforce.com has been the most trusted ally in helping me realize this passion. I am 4x certified Salesforce Certified and also hold the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist and Microsoft Certified Professional certifications. Apart from work, I am passionate about sharing my knoweldge with the Salesforce community through speaker sessions and webinars!



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